Led by our Chief Executive Officer Bill Rodriguez, the FIND secretariat manages our day-to-day operations in line with our governance principles, overseen by our Board of Directors, and with guidance from our Scientific Advisory Committee.

We are currently integrating our staff listing to provide a global overview of all our staff. While that process is ongoing, staff in our country offices can be found here.

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Florence Abok Clinical Research Associate
Ayushi Agnihotri Deputy Director, Resource Mobilization
Olukunle Akinwusi Technology Officer
Heidi Albert Principal Scientist
Audrey Albertini Project Manager, Specimen Bank
Victoria Aroworade Technology Associate
Rossella Baldan Clinical Research Officer
Valérie Barbe Payroll Manager
Elisa Baszanger Deputy Director, Project Management
Daniel Bausch Senior Director, Emerging Threats & Global Health Security
Sylvain Biéler Senior Scientist
Ezekiel Boro Associate, Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator Diagnostics Pillar
Willo Brock VP, External Affairs
Marie Brunetti Manager, Access Programme
Michelle Buckingham Manager, Human Resources
Serafina Calarco Scientist
Lise Carlier Clinical Research Associate
Sergio Carmona Chief Medical Officer
Andrea Cavallini Project Manager
Louisa Chaubert Senior Director, Finance
Hanesh Chi Scientist, Cameroon
Sophie Crettaz Technology Officer
Maxime Daehne Human Resources Officer
Charity Dandak Senior Manager, Resource Mobilization
Cristina Dang Senior Administrator, Legal Affairs
Pallavi Dani Manager, Evidence Generation
Debashish Das Scientist
Andres De la Rossa Clinical Research Officer
Dziedzom De Souza Senior Scientist
Margaretha De Vos Scientist
Paula del Rey Puech Programme Officer, Self-testing
Sabine Dittrich Deputy Director, Fever, Malaria and Infectious Diseases Programme
Marco Donolato Senior Technology Officer
Maé Linh Dupont Apprentice
Imane El Idrissi Associate, Specimen Bank
Devy Emperador Senior Scientist
Darryl English Deputy Director, Finance
Berra Erkosar Senior Biostatistician
Camille Escadafal Senior Scientist
Stéphanie Favarger Senior Associate, Project Management
Marta Fernández Suárez Chief Technology Officer
Cecilia Ferreyra Director, AMR Programme
Vincent Fiechter Project Manager
Fritz Fonkeng Scientist
Baptiste Fontaine Senior Manager, Resource Mobilization
Warren Fransman Senior Manager, Specimen Bank
Carolina Garcia Hernandéz Administrator
Sophia Georghiou Scientist
Birgitta Gleeson Scientist
Tamara Gregol Manager, DxConnect Marketplace
Marthe-Larissa Grospelier Senior Associate, Human Resources
Tifanie Gross Budget Officer
Pamela Gamuchirai Gwaza Manager, Monitoring & Evaluation
Cathy Haldane Senior Scientist
Gwénäelle Hamon Senior Associate, Project Management
Emma Hannay Chief Access Officer
Rashna Hayat Associate, Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator Diagnostics Pillar
Christine Hoogland Senior Data Scientist
Anne Hoppe Operational Research Lead
Nicholas Horekens Senior Analyst, E-commerce
Rosalind Howes Senior Scientist
Naushin Huq Senior Associate, Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator Diagnostics Pillar
Ana Belen Ibarz Scientist
Rigveda Kadam Deputy Director, Digital Health
Aurélie Kamoun Senior Data Scientist
Kekeletso Kao Senior Manager, Access Programme
Amir Karani Senior Manager, Logistics & Procurement
Kevin Karanja Financial Controller
Hellen Kassa Consultant, Access Programme
Fiona Kee Associate, project management
Mikashmi Kohli Scientist
Lauri Koivula Grants Manager
George Korir Technology Officer
Evgenia Kounina-Hamami Administrator, Logistics & Procurement
Sacha Laurent Scientist, Bioinformatics
Tatiana Letsko Borderie Senior Administrator
Sarah-Jane Loveday Director, Communications
Natalie Luong Ba Communications Officer
Jean-Philippe Lutz Associate, Project Management
Ines Lynch Finance Assistant Grants Reporting
Aurélien Macé Principal Data Scientist
Agnes Malobela Clinical Research Associate
Anna Mantsoki Senior Data Scientist
Jessica Markby Project Manager
Marco Marklewitz Scientist
Laure Martine Project Manager
Priscilla Maxim Christen Administrator
Helen McNeive Executive Assistant
Ashley Meredith Project Manager
Tamara Metry Finance Assistant
Pauline Morey Project Manager
Béatrice Mouton Director, Human Resources
Karishma Mutreja Senior Associate, Market Innovations
Pamela Nabeta Senior Manager, Clinical Affairs
Joseph Ndung'u Executive Director, Kenya
Joseph Njung'e Technology Officer
Juvenal Nkeramahame Clinical Research Officer
Sarah Nogaro Senior Scientist
Alex Ogwal Programme Manager
Piero Olliaro Senior Advisor, Fever, Malaria and Infectious Diseases Programme
Gansallo Oluwasyi Senior Associate, Project Management
Stefano Ongarello Director, Data Science
Babajide Owojaiye Deputy Director, Information Technology
Ewurama Owusu Scientist
Carlos Palacios Assistant, Human Resources
Antonio Pedrotta Scientist
Karell Pellé Senior Scientist
Adam Penn-Nicholson Deputy Director, Tuberculosis Programme
Jérémie Piton Senior Project Manager
Stephane Pittet Accounts Payable Officer
Tatiana Pogor Deputy Director, Grants Management
Lauréanne Putallaz Senior Associate, Project Management
Nicolas Rachinel Senior Technology Officer
Kavi Ramjeet Deputy Director, Business Intelligence
Thierry Ramos Project Manager
Maël Redard-Jacot Manager, Market Intelligence / Market Innovations
Sandrine Regeon Senior Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer & Board
Elena Reipold-Ivanova Deputy Director, Technology Innovation
Bill Rodriguez Chief Executive Officer
Morten Ruhwald Director, Tuberculosis Programme
Ryan Ruiz Clinical Research Officer
Sima Rustom Administrator
Liliana Rutaihwa Scientist
Sharon Saacks Senior Director, Programme Operations
Elvis Safary Scientist
Karishma Saran Senior Manager, Advocacy & Communications
Sanjay Sarin VP, Access
Kartik Sharma Deputy Director, Market Innovations
Sonjelle Shilton Hepatitis Lead
Katia Shouneiko Administrator
Gabriella Silvestri Senior Project Manager
Priyanka Singh Associate Scientist
Aditi Srinivasan Senior Manager, Market Innovations
Anna St-Laurent Administrator
Anita Suresh Deputy Director, Genomics & Sequencing
Rita Székely Clinical Research Officer
Jia Bin Tan Programme Associate, TB Programme
Millicent Terure Office Manager, Kenya
Maica Trabanco Senior Manager, Legal Affairs
Esther Trappeniers Senior Associate, Project Management
André Trollip Lead Training Manager
Swapna Uplekar Senior Scientist
Rasika Uplekar Project Manager
Benedetto Urio Senior Manager, Digital Communications
Manuela van Bemmelen Senior Financial Controller
Maïda Vandendorpe Project Manager
Kavindhran Velen Senior Scientist
Philippe Verstraete Senior Project Manager
Aurélia Vessière Deputy Director, Pandemic Threats Programme
Beatrice Vetter Deputy Director, Non-communicable Diseases Programme
Wachira Waruhu Grant Manager
Miranga Wijegoonewardena Senior Accountant & IT Manager