Testing is the first line of defence against COVID-19 and the foundation for preparedness to prevent future pandemics

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Diagnostics and testing must underpin the forthcoming Rome Declaration

  • Sabir's TB school visit

    Meet Sabir. He is 14 years old and lives in Surat, India. He loves studying and competed in the national Science Olympiad. He found out he had TB only after learning about the disease during a school visit by doctors.

  • Zaza's lab-in-a-van

    Zaza is a social worker at Imedi HRS in Batumi, Georgia. With a lab specialist, Zaza does community outreach work conducting mobile counseling and screening for hepatitis C and other infectious diseases, using a lab-in-a van.

  • Jennifer's quality training

    This is Jennifer from the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) in the Philippines, leading a workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on quality testing for malaria rapid tests.


From our CEO

23 Apr 2021

World Malaria Day is always a chance to reflect on progress made and remaining challenges as we strive for elimination of this deadly, yet treatable, disease. This year, one thing is crystal clear: we won’t get malaria elimination back on track while countries are also battling COVID-19: data reported by the Global Fund this month indicate that 54% of countries are experiencing disruption to their malaria services as a result…

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